Comprehensive computer network support

Secured Network Solutions provides comprehensive computer network support to businesses that are ready to stop trying to fix technology and are ready to get back to work. Our qualified engineers will partner with you and your business to ensure you are taking advantage of all technical resources available to you – allowing you to focus on your business versus the technology that keeps it running.

Get back to business! Stop worrying about technology.

Secured Network Solutions provides the computer network support that will allow you to focus your energy on growing your business, instead of the technology you need to keep it running. Our highly qualified engineers are experienced and prepared to meet the customized needs of your business.

Businesses who have partnered with Secured Network Solutions:

  • Enjoy greater productivity because they have less downtime
  • Focus on the growth of their business rather than shoulder the burdens of managing their IT
  • Capitalize on opportunities to enrich their business through technology
  • Confidently know their data and their network is secure

Network Design, Implementation and Documentation

Design and Implementation of Cisco-Powered Networks and Microsoft Platforms, including Windows 2003/2008, Exchange 2003/2007, SQL 2005, Terminal Services/Citrix Thin Client Solutions and Comprehensive Network Documentation

Whether implementing a new network, upgrading an existing one or simply adding an application, Advanced Network Solutions provides a quality end-to-end service that effectively meets your business objectives and provides audit quality documentation for the scope of your entire project.

Phase One: DESIGN During Phase One Secured Network Solutions consults with clients to analyze their individual needs and design a personalized comprehensive solution. Our certified systems engineers and skilled support staff apply industry best practices designed to increase network optimization and maximize your organization’s efficiency. Additionally, we design custom networks within the framework of your industry’s regulatory standards to ensure compliance.

Phase Two: IMPLEMENTATION Phase Two involves the implementation of solutions as proposed in Phase One. Secured Network Solutions’ highly qualified engineers configure, install and certify your network from end-to-end. To ensure total satisfaction, project managers oversee network implementation from start to finish.

Phase Three: DOCUMENTATION Phase Three addresses the importance of ongoing support and documentation. From “All-Inclusive” Managed Service and Support to Remote Network Monitoring and High Availability services, Secured Network Solutions offers a wide array of custom support services designed to ensure your network’s continued optimal performance.

Our Advantage: Secured Network Solutions’ partners include many of the industry’s most respected leaders including Microsoft, Cisco, Juniper, Dell and more.

Network SPECIALTY SERVICES Secured Network Solutions can fulfill your most ambitious networking objectives. Specialty services include:

  • Local Area Networks Local Area Network Analysis, Consulting & Design, Implementation Services, Network Diagnosis, Network Management, Network Administration and End-User Training.
  • Wide Area Networks Wide Area Network Analysis, Consulting & Design, WAN Hardware, Voice over IP / Frame Relay / MPLS / DSL, Interconnectivity Hardware and more.
  • Structured Cabling Systems Site Analysis, Cable Management Design, Data and Voice Cable Installations, and Vendor-Specific Cable Configurations.
  • Remote Network Monitoring Secured Network Solutions can monitor your network 24x7x365 from our secure Network Operations Center (NOC). When a fault occurs you are notified and our certified technicians quickly resolve the issue.

Managed Services: “All Inclusive” Managed Service Contracts and Support

Fixed IT Budget (no hourly service fees), Preventative Maintenance and System Checkups, Patch Management, Hardware and Software Procurement and Installation, Help Desk and On-Site Support

Secured Network Solutions, our “all inclusive” managed support services deliver outstanding value and put you in control of your IT budget. Our plans offer enterprise-level maintenance and management services affordably tailored to your business needs with predictable, fixed monthly fees.

Your Problem In today’s expensive business environment, network downtime puts your profitability at risk. Viruses, spyware, system downtime and other unforeseen problems all result in loss of business productivity. These distractions are often time consuming, disruptive and very expensive. Why allow the IT complications you experience today keep you from growing your business tomorrow?

Our Solution For a low cost, fixed monthly fee Advanced Network Solutions offers a unique mix of support, remote monitoring and proactive maintenance that takes the hassle out of IT and provides a dependable, cost effective service. Our solution provides “all inclusive” managed services and support now and the strategic guidance necessary to leverage technology to grow your business well into the future.

Trusted IT Expertise Secured Network Solutions’ trusted depth and breadth of technical expertise ensures your IT systems remain operational, available and secure.

BENEFITS of “All Inclusive” SUPPORT With Secured Network Solutions’ managed services and support your entire organization will benefit in the following ways:

  • Predictable, fixed IT costs
  • Ongoing updates and virus protection
  • Regularly scheduled onsite maintenance and repair
  • Remote monitoring of all network systems, desktops and applications
  • Online system health and security reports
  • One point of contact for all support needs
  • Escalation from help desk technician to certified engineer problem resolution

Network Security

Managed Firewall and Intrusion Services, Virus Protection and End-Point Security, Virtual Private Networks,Network Access Control, Security Architecture Review and Policy Development

An established leader in security consulting, Secured Network Solutions provides clients with strategic consulting, advisory services, training and implementation. Our security professionals offer the experience and expertise to identify potential vulnerabilities and recommend effective long-term security measures.

Rapidly Changing Security Threats

Modern technology is enabling business communication in ways never before imagined. But with the advances come new and potentially devastating threats. The changing landscape of security vulnerabilities, risks and the measures available to counter such threats are also rapidly changing. As a result, keeping up with the latest developments is becoming increasingly demanding on internal resources.

Secured Network Solutions provides manageable, flexible and cost-effective security solutions tailored to meet your specific security needs. At Secured Network Solutions, we understand what it takes to address the problem of rapidly changing security risks. Our highly trained and helpful engineers can implement your solution quickly and with minimal network interruption.

Network Security as a Process

In order to create a secure environment for users to perform critical functions, Secured Network Solutions approaches network security as a process. We begin by taking inventory of all potential vulnerabilities including unauthorized access, misuse, malfunction, modification, destruction and improper disclosure. We then initiate a regimented process designed to remediate these vulnerabilities utilizing a powerful suite of products and services including physical hardware and software preventative measures.

From initial planning and concept stages to full operational status of a network security project, Secured Network Solutions provides your organization with a team of highly qualified security engineers to ensure data privacy and peace-of-mind.

Growing Security Threats

Increased attack sophistication, increased complexity of systems, increased storage of critical data, increased liability from security incidents and more underscore the importance of preventative network security measures.

Exhaustive security measures ensure the safety of both company and client data. Secured Network Solutions’ comprehensive security services include:

  • Access/Audit Controls
  • Remediation Services
  • Anti-Virus/Spyware Protection
  • Email/Web Content Filtering
  • Encryption Systems
  • Firewall Management
  • Intrusion Detection/Prevention
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)
  • Forensic science security

Project Management and Consulting

End-to-End IT Project Management of New Office Openings, Coordinated Moves and New Technologies Deployment

Server Virtualization

Minimize IT Complexity by Reducing Server Hardware and Management, Solidify Business Continuance Planning, Create Rapid Application Development and Testing Environments, Limit Single Points of Failure with Shared Storage and High Availability Designs. Data Storage Solutions Tailored to Businesses of All Sizes

IP Telephony

Voice, Video and Data Seamlessly Integrated on Cisco Network Architecture, Deployment Solutions Scale from a Small Single Site, to Branch Offices, to Large Multi-Site Enterprise Deployments

Remote Monitoring: SolarWatch IT Monitoring

Remote Hosted Service IT Monitoring of Virtually Any Device and Many Popular Applications, Security Alerts and Problem Remediation, Performance Trending and Report Generation

SolarWatch delivers proactive 24x7x365 server and workstation monitoring enabling IT operations professionals to measure, analyze, diagnose and resolve performance problems across their systems infrastructure. You and your users are assured of enhanced server uptime, increased peace of mind and lower support costs.

The Industry’s Simplest IT Management SOLUTION SolarWatch can be installed in a single day and requires minimal effort on the part of your IT staff with a multitude of benefits:

  • Easy-to-use user interface Intuitive Web-based dashboard reduces the learning curve. Tabbed pages consolidate information into one comprehensive view.
  • Operations center monitoring SolarWatch engineers monitor any faults throughout the business day and take appropriate action for resolution.
  • Notifications Generate and transmit alerts by email, pager or email-enabled cell phones when a critical event occurs in your environment.
  • Performance Store, trend and report on dozens of performance statistics such as CPU, memory, disk and interface utilization. Generate alerts on threshold violations.
  • Intrusion monitoring Monitor login/logout activity by user/device, failed login details and account modification activity.
  • Vulnerability scanning Scan and report on over 2,000 vulnerabilities across hardware and software configurations.
  • Firewall monitoring Monitor and report on firewall performance, configuration changes, VPN issues and DoS attacks.
  • Patch management Perform scans for missing patches products and versions including Windows, Exchange, SQL Server, Outlook and more.
  • Reporting Provides an integrated, real-time dashboard with a full complement of reports. These highly readable, graphics-rich reports can be automatically generated, scheduled or on-demand.

WHY WAIT for a problem to happen and then react?

Know everything possible about your systems, equipment, applications, network, and incoming & outgoing traffic before a problem arises. Comprehensive monitoring includes:

  • Firewall Uptime and Traffic Analysis
  • Anti-virus / Anti-spyware
  • Network Intrusions (IDS/IPS)
  • Patch Management
  • Backup Systems
  • Security Events
  • Login Attempts
  • Server and Workstation Health
  • Immediate Notification
  • Custom Escalation Templates
  • Hardware/Software Inventory
  • In-depth Reporting

Business Continuity: Advanced Backup, Disaster Recovery and High Availability

Business Continuity as a Service, 24x7x365 Data Monitoring and Management, Up to 96 Data Snapshots Daily, Offsite Storage Ensuring Data Security and Regulatory Compliance, Virtualization of Failed Servers, Fast Recovery for Files and Email

Advanced Backup is a reasonably priced, all-encompassing solution that provides small-to-medium size businesses with near real-time backups, seamless offsite data storage, multi-year archiving and fast server virtualization capabilities.

Turnkey Installation, Configuration and Testing

Secured Network Solutions will install and configure the Advanced Backup appliance on the client site as well as configure all selected servers for backup. After the first initial backup, Secured Network Solutions will further perform a basic test restore of selected files to ensure your Advanced Backup service is operating as promised.

Designed to replace management intensive, error-prone tape backups, the service provides advanced restoration options like file and folder-level restorations, Exchange message and mailbox recovery and bare metal restorations to dissimilar hardware.

Regulatory Compliant Data Archiving

On an annual basis, Secured Network Solutions provides a USB hard drive containing the backup images from the offsite datacenter. The customer then retains their hard drive to store at an off-site facility. This process satisfies regulatory requirements for multi-year retention.

Disaster Recovery Testing

Advanced Network Solutions’ disaster recovery testing provides the restoration of a complete server to a virtual environment and proof of concept to the customer. Documentation of testing results is included.

Onsite and Offsite Storage

The solution combines an onsite network attached storage appliance with low-cost offsite storage in replicated datacenters. Within moments of a disaster, the Advanced Backup device can be configured to function as a virtual server if needed.

SOLUTION Highlights

  • Easily budgeted, all-inclusive monthly service pricing
  • Image based disk-to-disk backup, with incrementals taken as often as every 15 minutes
  • Flexible restore technology allowing multiple versions of files to be restored
  • Restore folders, partitions, exchange messages/mailboxes, SQL and many more applications
  • Bare metal restore to dissimilar hardware
  • NAS appliance functions as a standby server within 30-45 minutes of a server failure
  • 24 X 7 monitored and managed Network Operating Center (NOC)

Secure Wireless Solutions

Enterprise-Level Mobility Solutions Priced for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses, Enable Secure Access to Information Anytime and Anywhere, Simplified Deployment, Enhanced Responsiveness and Business Agility

Your employees need mobility and Secured Network Solutions can deliver. Our wireless LAN solutions can help meet their demands and yours. Now you can get it all in a single, scalable, turnkey solution: security, high-level network performance and end-to-end reliability

Secured Network Solutions WIRELESS LAN (WLAN) Deployment

Go wireless today with the industry’s most advanced WLAN solutions. Benefits include:

  • Next-Generation Wireless Networking Greater throughput, reliability and predictability for pervasive wireless networks with 802.11n and extended wireless coverage with enterprise wireless mesh.
  • Wireless Network Security Advanced security, intrusion prevention and network access control helps ensure that data will remain private and secure and that your network will be protected from unauthorized access.
  • Simplified Migration to Secure Wireless Networks Migrate your WLAN today to deliver cost-effective, secure wireless access for business-critical mobility
  • Voice-Ready Wireless Enhance productivity and improve communications using voice over a wireless LAN.
  • Guest Access Maintain the security of your internal network while providing a convenient, cost-effective way to offer guest wired and wireless access.
  • Radio Frequency (RF) Solutions Detect and eliminate sources of RF interference in wireless networks with advanced spectrum analysis.
  • Location Solutions Monitor and optimize business processes through real-time Wi-Fi device tracking to deliver location-based security, high-value asset tracking and business policy enforcement.
  • Connect Anytime, Anywhere Maintain your competitive advantage with an Secured Network Solutions WLAN implementation. Connect anytime, anywhere with real-time access to instant messaging, email and network resources.


Avoid unnecessary costs, deployment delays and tedious learning curves with our complete end-to-end WLAN solutions.

  • Pre-assessment and wireless LAN site analysis, design creation, and maintenance
  • Implementation and management hardware procurement and deployment, ongoing wireless network management, performance reporting and maintenance
  • Security review, implementation and authentication
  • Maintenance and problem resolution upgrades and changes, consistent, coordinated detection, resolution, and remediation, proactive SLA notification

Storage Solutions

Minimize Points of Failure with All-in-One Storage Appliances, Friendly Efficient Interface, Robust NetApp Storage Technologies, Data Storage Solutions Tailored to Small and Medium-Sized Businesses